shaping dance assessment

Dance video feedback

Let's shape your dance skills by identifying your specific areas for improvement, while also celebrating and leveraging your strengths. I can't wait to see your video!

This service is for you if...

βœ… You have an upcoming performance and require feedback for improvement
βœ… You want an unbiased and detailed assessment of your dance skills
βœ… You've hit a plateau in your dance progress and need advice on how to overcome it
βœ… You've hit a creative block and need a little help adding to your choreography

~ Feedback is knowledge. Knowledge is power. ~

Each report includes...

πŸ”Έ your strengths and areas of improvement
πŸ”Έ useful tips on how to enhance these aspects for better overall performance
πŸ”Έ demonstration videos to further explain these tips

πŸ’°Price: $40 CAD

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